About Us

At CMI , we take great pride in design and  hand-craftsmanship of our products. Our in-house designers create time honed designs. The expert craftsmen, some of them even from the fourth generations of Candle Holder & Vase karigars, who have been working for the Royalty in Agra, transform these designs into timeless products. Our designs blend contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence in craftsmanship and quality. Our products whether a Candle Holder, Vases Jar or Soft furnishings are made to the most exacting standards and designed in styles, so that they bring exceptional beauty to your home. 


CMI is co-founded by 3 Friends, with varied experience in the field of design, interiors, retail and brand management. We at CMI believe that your home should be your haven, where you dine, work, sleep, dream and live. The brand should inspire you to make a home that reflects your personality and your aesthetics. Your home should be the most comfortable place for you and it is rightly said that the things we love always tell a story and reflect who we are.  Our passion for creating and providing home decor options that breathe easy and exude strong aesthetics comes from the gap we saw in the Indian market. It is a daunting task to find a Craft or a piece of Decor item that could provide you comfort, beauty and priced fairly all at the same time . In the current scenario either you get options which are over-the-top pieces made in Quality glass or  ‘Made in India’  If you are lucky to find something good, the price tag would hold you back. 


At CMI we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality, whether it is about the craftsmanship of traditional technique of many way tying of the designing, or the high quality of material glass, color we use for our products or being the first brand in India offering premium quality down feather blend as a fill option to our customers seeking unparalleled luxury.




As a brand we believe in the following design philosophy and principles:



Everything we create is designed with our customer in mind, and we’re committed to an incredible service experience that leaves our customer smiling each time they visit us online or speak to one of our cheerful customer service associate.




CMI, an online Handicraft  store believes in combining outstanding quality with astonishing value, offering a carefully curated, assortment of home products. Pairing timeless elements with fresh twists, each item is designed to enhance a room, place or inspire a memorable experience




We believe a blank canvas is something full of possibilities and with unlimited potential. At CMI, an online Handicraft store we celebrate the beauty of natural materials that are crafted into simple, one-of-a-kind shapes and silhouettes. Whether its our  fabrics  made out of natural yarns like Linen and Cotton, which are at times handwoven or our furniture pieces which are timeless in their design and useful in their purpose, anything natural excites us!




We strive to use materials that are sustainably sourced. We believe in supporting artisans and craftsmen and their crafts. As a brand we want to preserve and use the dying, traditional techniques of glass moulding.  We are associated with an NGO, which is engaged in helping and providing education & training to the local artisans. 




Whether it is comfort of shopping with us or the comfort provided by our products like sofas and chairs using high quality material like foams, fibers and down feathers, we have taken care of all your comfort needs in our products



CMI believes in creating beautiful Handicraft Item that will live with you forever. Our design philosophy is very clear, to create and sell products which are honest, breathe easy and exude strong aesthetics. 

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